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Office Address: 701,BaoLi Building,2702th Nanhai Avenue, Nanshan District,Shenzhen, Guangdong Province,China 518054
Factory Address:AoXiang Industrial Park,Liyushui Industrial Zone,Loucun Village,Gongming wn,Shengzhen,Guangdong Province,China 518107 Tel:+086 0755-86289899
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Shenzhen AoXiang Industrial development Co. Ltd, 

a-world-class electric sightseeing car,

electric scooter for old people,

electric patrol car,electric golf carts,electric off-road car, electric ambulance car,electric cargo truck,electric car 

accessories and so on.Owns 25,000 square meters production site, over 10 experienced engineers and 200

skilled workers with Advanced Mechanized Equipment working three shifts per day. As the earliest incomer of this industrial, AoXiang, who now has been one of the leading electric vehicles and accessories manufacturer in china.

Holding the concept of sustainable development and the goal of setting up a standing competitive enterprise, we build the relationships with our national and foreign customers on the basis of honesty and sincerity, holding hands together to make our contributions to the creation of green tools for the human-beings. What we devotes ourselves into are providing high quality, low-priced products and professional service to all of our customers.




Our electric car is developed and designed for the sake of the severe shortage of oil energy. Besides outstanding performance, unique appearance, delicate interior decoration and comfortable ride, our cars are also safe, energy-saving and environment friendly, whose assembly technics and technologies have

reached the domestic advanced level. Our cars can be ranked as the ideal multifunctional field cars, which can be used in the golf course, tourist attraction, residence area, shool yard, airport, harbor, play field, square, pedestrian street, resort, villa, garden-type hotel and industrial park, etc…

About our products:

Golf carts: With unique and attractive appearance, Aoxiang golf cart is designed in accordance with all technique data of imported electric cars. Its stable ride ability, sensitive steering system, comfortable hand feel and smooth performance make it the ideal cart for the golf courses.
Sightseeing car: Aoxiang sightseeing car can be operated in the tourist attraction, resort, residence area, hotel, factory, campus, entertainment plaza, station, etc… whose great performance, delicate interior decoration and comfortable ride as well as safety, energy saving and environmental protection make it the ideal car for sightseeing.
SUV: Our SUV has been applied for a patent, which adopts four-wheel independent suspension. Users can change drive mode from ‘four-wheel’ to ‘two-wheel’ through switch. The vehicle’s comprehensive functions include great cross-country ability, comfortable ride ability, anti-rollover and so on. Compared with its counterparts, it does not make much noise. Our vehicle can meet the requirements of traveling on such bad surface like sand, mud, grass, forest and hill, etc… The major components of the vehicle’s chassis are the combination of automobile’s and electric car’s parts, so it can be used for hunting, cross county, recreation and so on. We can customize its appearance and technique data according to customer’s needs.
Electric patrol car: This vehicle’s appearance is unique and fashion, and it is upgraded throughly to the details. It offers options of four-wheel/two-wheel. The installed alarm light highlights its purpose, while megaphone and trunk show more humanitarian designs. Our patrol car is the first choice of public security department and factory, etc…
Electric ambulance vehicle: Aoxiang electric ambulance car can be used in ball playground, stadium, hospital, etc to serve the purpose of first aid and transporting the wounded.
Electric cargo carrier: Aoxiang electric cargo carrier can provide large space for cargo, which is qualified for such places like airport, harbor, large factory, great warehouse, logistics park, etc…
All-purpose vehicle: Delicate, flexible and widely-used, All-purpose vehicle is applicable for such places like villa, large and upscale residence area, leisure farm, etc…
Accessories: Windshield, 2N1 seat kit, front seatback, front basket, front container, back container, trailer buckle, back armrest, lifting device, side protecting board, fender, baggage rack, bag rack, umbrella rack, ice can frame, sand barrel frame, etc…

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