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Aoxiang Notice:Electric Vehicle need Regularly Maintenance
Updated:2012-04-17 10:14   Source:δ֪   Author:admin   Clincks:


Besides Motor,Controller,Brake System is also a important part for the Electric vehicle.Many Accident happened due to the lack of maintenance of the brake system.Here we,Shenzhen Aoxiang Industrial Development Co.,Ltd,make a summary of the electric vehicle brake,with the wish to make a help to the user of the Electric Vehicle.

The most Important Preventive measures for the Electric vehicle is a regularly checking up of the brake system.It is better we make the checking one time per half an year,As the brke pads is not fully knead eaactly halt as the new pad,and need make a repairation.The brake switch is also need to be aware of a link, the switch hidden in the brake handle inside, braking switch can, indeed be shut off the power of the car power supply, which can prevent panic cases, side and took power brake side the electric switch. The brake switch is a small parts, it is easy to be neglected, a lot of car brake switch is broken, the owner also not timely maintenance, or in the fixed simply cancel out, which will bring some potential problems.

So we,shenzhen aoxiang Industrial Development Co.,Ltd here announce that although the brake is a small part,but it is a vital.Pls donot ingore it.Make a regular maintenance,to reduce the hidden trouble in our daily use,donot take our life as a trick!

The brake though is a little parts, but but vital oh, don't ignore the small parts, regular maintenance it, reduce our safe hidden trouble, don't take life to play trick!

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