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Manual is important through the whole life of a Golf Cart
Updated:2012-06-07 17:36   Source:δ֪   Author:   Clincks:

When you buy the golf cart, you will find each golf cart will com with a using manual.The most common is driving and maintenance manual.But if the car uses for several year,or a used car or the car your driving is borrow from your friend or rent,you cannot get a one like that.Unlike a manual coming from a new car,it is quite be helpful for a unfamiliar poerson.

An owner's manual provides some general infomation on golf cart battery maintenance and golf cart battery charging. If you own one of the major golf cart makes,you can go to the manufacturer's website to download a file that detailed describe the manual and cautions to drive the car properly.

It's a good idea to read through it to become familiar with the manufacturers maintenance recommendations.

Golf cart repair manuals, on the other hand, must be purchased. The best place to get them is on-line. Most golf cart businesses don't carry them but will offer to order a manual for you with an extra mark-up. So you might as well just order it yourself.

While these manuals are not the cheapest books, they are a good value. Make one repair and you've re-couped your small investment.

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